LASFIT AIR Wraps Up 2023 with Festive Cheer, Innovative Inflator Gaining Celebrity Approval

LASFIT AIR Wraps Up 2023 with Festive Cheer, Innovative Inflator Gaining Celebrity Approval

Inflating with Confidence, Journey without Worries. LASFIT AIR is taking the innovation in air inflation technology.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the year gracefully winds down, LASFIT AIR reflects upon a year of triumphs, innovations, and unwavering commitment to customers. In the pursuit of excellence, LASFIT AIR have not only introduced groundbreaking products but have also solidified their position as a trusted companion for every traveller.

Since its inception, LASFIT AIR has garnered the attention and recognition of millions of users. The brand has also achieved notable success with its three innovative products.

Influencer Spotlight

TK1 Airmaster Tire Inflator for Pickup Trucks & Large SUVs: Revolutionising Inflation Milestones
Witness the evolution of air inflators with the groundbreaking TK1 Airmaster, featuring innovative 24mm dual-cylinder technology for three times faster inflation in a compact design. Boasting an impressive airflow rate of 50 LPM (1.76CFM), it effortlessly inflates off-road vehicle tires in just 3 minutes (285/70/R17 tires 29-36 PSI). Endorsed by avid off-road travellers, including solo female vanlife blogger Danielle Campbell, who exclaimed, "This device is a game changer for adventurers, bikers, and sports addicts alike. A perfect gift for every explorer or as a thoughtful addition to mom's car!"

CR1 40s Fast Tire Inflator for Cars: The Ultimate for Drivers and Travellers
Since its launch, CR1 40s Fast Tire Inflator has garnered user preference and acclaim. It secured the top spot in Amazon's New Releases in Wheel & Tire Air Compressors & Inflators and received high praise with a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.

Featuring an upgraded 26mm air cylinder, it provides a swift 36L/Min airflow, ensuring precise tire pressure up to 150 PSI. Effortlessly refilling a 225/50/R17 car tire in under 1 minute, this compact inflator is designed for easy storage in a glovebox, bike frame, or backpack. Entrepreneur and Instagram influencer Josh Dixon raves, "This product packs a punch! Beyond cars, it's perfect for motorcycles, bikes, and balls. Zip it, stow it, and be prepared for any inflation needs."

BM1 Mini Tire Inflator for Riders: The Ultimate Cyclist's Companion
Introducing the BM1 Mini Tire Inflator, an innovation tailored exclusively for cyclists. With unique front and rear wheel modes, it eliminates the hassle of remembering separate PSI values for each wheel. The built-in retractable air hose and compact size ensure a seamless inflation experience. As athlete and Instagram influencer Seth Brisson notes, "These mini air compressors are pocket-sized and fit anywhere. Stop using a hand pump and get yourself one of these!"

A Celebrity-Approved Christmas with LASFIT AIR
As the festive season unfolds, LASFIT AIR conveys warm wishes to its esteemed customers. Embrace the spirit of Christmas with exclusive benefits, themed shopping guides, and the opportunity to win enticing prizes through the order lottery. Explore the epitome of inflation technology through our diverse product lineup, meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive requirements of off-road enthusiasts, everyday drivers, and cycling aficionados. The campaign will end on December 26th. 

 About LASFIT AIR: A Trusted Air Inflator Partner in Your Journey.

LASFIT AIR is a sub-brand of LASFIT, a prominent player in the automotive accessories industry since 2015. LASFIT AIR is dedicated to revolutionising air inflation technology and providing dependable solutions to enhance the safety and convenience of travellers during their journeys. With a commitment to innovation and user-centric design, LASFIT AIR aims to be the trusted companion for all your adventures.

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