Q: What are the dimensions of this tire inflator? How much does it weigh? Is it convenient to carry?
A: The dimensions are 5.11*4.44*2.2” inches. Only 1.43lb weights. It’s portable and cordless.

Q: What is the airflow rate of this tire inflator?
A: The airflow rate is 36LPM, which can fully inflate your car tire in about 40s, less than 1 minute (225/50/R17 tires 29-36 PSI).

Q: What’s the power source of this tire inflator?
A: The built-in super 7800mAh battery provides on-the-spot inflation for your vehicle, offering peace of mind in any emergency. Plus, a 12V DC power cord is provided for emergency situations.

Q: Does this tire inflator come with a warranty?
A: Yes. LASFIT AIR offers 2-year warranty for our products. You can shop with confidence.

Q:What type of vehicles is it suitable for?
A: It can inflate tires for Cars, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles and balls. Notice: NOT for >255mm tires and trucks.

Q: Is it shipped overseas and free shipping?
A: Currently, we only offer delivery within the continental United States, and the free shipping is provided. Once your order placed, it will take 3-7 business days to arrive.